pimple mud

pimple mud

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Fat and the Moon

there's no need to attack our face with harsh chemicals, which usually ends up making things worse for our skin, when there's this pimple mud!

it's better to hone in on the breakout + use the drawing properties that occur naturally in bentonite clay. the pulling effect of the drying clay helps get circulation moving in the face + with blood comes clean-up cells! improving circulation in the face improves your skin condition overall. witch hazel extract + tea tree get deep into those pores + goldenseal used topically works wonders clearing bacteria looking to camp out, making this pimple mud great to apply to splinters too!

to use: apply to that pimple + let the mud dry, then rinse off. use as a spot treatment or a full mask.

ingredients: bentonite clay, witch hazel extract (hamamelis virginiana)*, goldenseal root (hydrastis canadensis)*, tea tree essential oil (melaleuca alternifolia)*


2 fl oz

this will last a good long while. if it dries out, simply add some water.

please use within 6 months of purchase. store in a cool and dry place. these products are organic + freshly made to order. it does not contain toxins that make things last forever.