milk + mint soap

milk + mint soap

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can a soap soothe + revive extra-dry + sensitive skin, as well as uplift your mood + brighten your day? this one can.

sallyeander milk & mint soap is deliciously fragrant with spearmint, enriched with organic milk, olive oil + barley grass. spearmint essential oil + barley grass are natural antioxidants that ease inflammation + help skin to repair itself while smoothing away visible signs of damage. like all sallyeander soaps, milk + mint lasts for months + keeps its bright refreshing scent from beginning to end. it doesn’t just make you smell good, it makes your bathroom minty fresh, too! for extra-dry and sensitive skin.

olive oil blend, milk, barley grass + spearmint essential oil

weight + dimensions0.31 pounds + 3 x 3 x 2.5 inches

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