lemongrass + charcoal soap

lemongrass + charcoal soap

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lemongrass is a long-stemmed herb that has a distinctively light, citrus-y scent. but it also has notable benefits for the skin on your face and body. it contains vitamins a + c , + a healthy dose of minerals to improve the texture and appearance of dry, sensitive skin. in this soap is a creation of a yummy blend of olive oils with organic blueberries, frankincense, + lemongrass essential oils. the light astringent qualities of lemongrass help to minimize pores, which balances oil levels. combined with the purifying + detoxifying qualities of charcoal, you have the perfect soap for dry, sensitive skin. the gorgeous fragrance of lemongrass not only makes you smell + feel fantastic, but it also repels insects! talk about a win-win!f

for dry, sensitive skin.

ingredients: olive oil blend, charcoal, organic blueberries, frankincense, + lemongrass essential oils

weight + dimensions: 0.31 pounds + 3 x 3 x 2.5