lakeshore soap

lakeshore soap

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for years, the sallyeander family spent summers in a lakeside cabin in new york's adirondack mountains. it's a setting we all love + this lakeshore soap inspires the same feeling: reflective, tranquil, + calm. it's a castile soap, which begins with an olive oil blend. castile soaps are renowned for their long-lasting property, that, when made in sallyeander's special way, hold their fragrance from the first shower to the last. the unique blend of essential oils - lemongrass, frankincense, rosewood, vanilla bean + patchouli - helps your body create collagen, keeping your skin supple + smooth. the fragrance is unique + evocative. lakeshore soap is rich in vitamins c + e, + it's loaded with antioxidants for younger-looking skin! it gently exfoliates dead, dry skin + moisturizes the new skin beneath. truly luscious + invigorating, it brightens your shower + bath as well as your skin.

for dry or irritated skin.

ingredients: olive oil blend, + lemongrass, frankincense, rosewood, vanilla bean + patchouli essential oils

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