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there are some parts of our bodies that are a little harder to soothe than others. if you work with your hands, you can all too easily find yourself with cracked + even bleeding hands. if your knees get a little rough from gardening, you need a soothing, healing therapy balm that brings you major moisturizing powers + superior softening capabilities.

that’s when this heavy duty hand therapy is the kindest way to treat chapped, rough, cracked skin, wherever + whenever it occurs. we’ve combined soothing butter (cocoa + shea), essential oils of rosemary, tea tree, calendula + aloe. these are all known for their ability to infuse moisture into your parched skin.

it’s super concentrated, so you only need a little rubbed in gently + left overnight…you’ll see the results the next morning! it even helps sore noses after a cold. paraben + alcohol-free.

cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax + myrrh, calendula, aloe, rosemary + tea tree essential oils.

size: 2 oz

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