growing belly balm

growing belly balm

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Fat and the Moon

made for the momma-to-be, or the ambitious glutton :)

this balm is like a cloud made of cocoa + shea butter. hard to decide whether to eat it or slather it. this belly balm is a super moisturizer + works to soften elbows, knees and feet too!

to use: use in the shower or just after getting out to seal in moisture. rub yourself down with this balm when your skin is wet + elastic + towel dry as usual.

ingredients: shea butter (vitellaria paradoxa)*, cocoa butter (theobroma)*, apricot kernel oil (prunus armeniaca)*


2 fl oz

please use within 6 months of purchase. store in a cool + dry place. these products are organic + freshly made to order. it does not contain toxins that make things last forever.