babies healing dust

babies healing dust

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dust that baby bum with plants that help absorb moisture + comfort that ‘brand new to the world’ skin. talc-free + corn free, this powder is free of starchy sugar that can feed the yeast thriving in a diaper environment. marshmallow root lends its soothing powers so babe’s bum can blossom. a light scent from orange essential oil gives the babies healing dust an uplifting vibe. 

to use: sprinkle on babe's bum to soothe + keep dry + comfy!

ingredients: arrowroot powder (maranta arundinacea)*, marshmallow root powder (althaea officinalis)*, sweet orange essential oil (citrus x sinensis)*


2 fl oz

please use within 6 months of purchase. store in a cool + dry place. these products are organic + freshly made to order. it does not contain toxins that make things last forever.


REVIEW from fat + the moon's website:

by blake on Jan 6 2021: "this is magic! nothing has worked for my little ones diaper rash before I found this. i would use aquaphor or butt paste and try to dry her tush as much as possible. it was a never ending battle until i received this as a gift. truly incredible. plus all natural, feels good for the babies and smells great too!"

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