almond goat milk soap

almond goat milk soap

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the milk that enriches this almond goat milk soap comes from edgwick hudson valley goat farm. the sallyeander team sees those goats at play on their way to make this soap. goat milk is rich in essential fatty acids that help to hydrate skin and minimize wrinkles. this extra creamy and pampering bar is gently blended with olive oil and almond oils. the result is a fragrant soap that is not only long-lasting but is also consistently nourishing to skin on your face while moisturizing the skin on your whole body. if you need any further encouragement, almond oil was Jackie Kennedy’s secret to achieving her renowned soft skin and clear complexion. :)

for dry, sensitive skin.

ingredients: olive oil blend, goat milk + almond oil

weight + dimensions: .31 lbs + 3 x 3 x 2.5 inches

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