about us

hartenziel. this is a dutch-inspired word meaning "heart + soul." i chose this name because i believe everything we do in our lives should be done with passion + love, especially the things we do for others. 

this leads to the next point: how this business is on a mission to help + uplift others. hartenziel is on a fair-trade fashion journey. we've begun to consider the story behind each product we place in our store. while searching for new brands to carry, i came across ethically-made / fair-trade clothing. it got me curious! there was a lot more that went into the fashion industry than i ever knew about. i learned that the majority of clothing factory workers are severely underpaid, overworked + are often subject to abuse in the workplace. when i learned about these things + heard these factory workers' stories, i knew i needed to change the way i was operating my business. 

so, what does it mean if clothing is fair-trade? this means that the people who make this type of clothing are:

- paid fair, living wages

- working in a safe environment

- protected from physical + sexual abuse that is common in the fashion industry

while we're not completely to the point of selling all ethically made clothing, i think we're off to a good start!

if you're interested in purchasing fair-trade clothing, look at the brand tagged with each product. these are the fair-trade brands we currently carry:

- Tonle

- Known Supply


- Moon Rivers Naturals (skincare)

- Sallyeander (skincare)


- coming soon: People Tree!