organic rose soap

organic rose soap

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as we gaze on a beautiful rose, we are entranced by its color, scent, and beauty. yet behind that rose are centuries of knowledge that roses have astringent and antibacterial properties. high in vitamins c + e, they stimulate collagen and moisturize. for our sallyeander organic rose soap we use organic roses we grow ourselves here in the beautiful hudson valley + hudson valley milk. we get to enjoy our roses twice; in our gardens + then again in our soap. essential rose oil and rose petals hydrate, soothe + revitalize dull, dry skin. rose essential oil has aromatherapy qualities + its fragrance calms and soothes. our organic rose soap has excellent emollient qualities, moisturizing dry skin, + anti-inflammatory properties to help control redness and inflammation. like all sallyeander essential soaps, organic rose adds a delicious fragrance to your skin, + in your bathroom, fragrance that lasts as long as the bar – as much as two months with everyday use. give someone you love the gift of sallyeander organic rose soap, they will love you even more for it.

for sensitive skin.

ingredients: olive oil blend, organic rose petals, hudson valley milk, + rose + evergreen essential oils

weight + dimensions: 0.31 pounds + 3 x 3 x 2.5 inches

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